Urges Continued Support for a Population in Need

Concord - The New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA) recently congratulated the efforts of New Hampshire Hospitals in participating in a variety of initiatives that improve access to and quality of care for veterans, service members and their families.  Hospitals across New Hampshire are engaging in awareness campaigns and training initiatives designed to highlight the challenges many veterans face so that healthcare providers will be better able to address the needs of veterans and their families.

One of those initiatives, Hospitals for Heroes, aims to raise awareness around the challenges Veterans have faced in receiving care.   Endorsed by the NHHA Board of Trustees, hospitals throughout the state will continue to support efforts that ensure Veterans are able to access the care they need, when and where they need it. 

“New Hampshire is home to 115,000 veterans, and we have long advocated for strengthened services for our veterans and their families,” stated NHHA President Steve Ahnen.  “By supporting initiatives like Hospitals for Heroes, our members are taking steps to ensure improved access to quality care for those who have served.”

New Hampshire Hospitals are also participating in the Ask the Question Campaign, which provides an opportunity to educate and engage providers in understanding those who have served.  The awareness campaign seeks to identify those veterans and service members who might not otherwise identify themselves as such by asking “have you ever served in the military”.  Enhancing a provider’s understanding between the patient’s military experience and medical symptoms allows providers to better facilitate appropriate diagnosis, treatment planning and referrals to resources.

In conjunction with the Ask the Question Campaign, hospitals across the state are hosting Military Culture Education & Training, which aims to increase provider knowledge on military culture and service experience, and to tailor treatment plans and referrals to resources based on that understanding.  Conducted by DareMightyThings, these military culture trainings cover many topics, including stigma reduction, suicide prevention, homelessness, reintegration, and caring for veterans, service members and their families who are living with PTSD and TBI, among others.

“By engaging in collaborative partnerships with the State and other partners, our members have the unique opportunity to enhance access to, and a better understanding of, military-civilian integrated care,” stated Ahnen.  “We commend our members for their commitment to NH veterans, service members and their families.”