The 2022 legislative session ended on May 26, 2022, with many bills being passed into law. Below you’ll find a list of the bills that affect hospitals and health systems. The Governor has not yet acted on all the bills that impact hospitals, so this list will be updated as he finalizes all the bills that required his action.


The 2022 legislative session was marked by significant polarization between those advocating for greater individual liberty and those focused on supporting public health. We saw a large number of bills introduced that were focused on COVID-related issues. Despite these challenges, NHHA had several high priority bills introduced this year and had several of them pass and ultimately signed into law.


Other priority bills for NHHA included workplace safety, reimbursement increases to Medicaid labor/delivery services and streamlining the professional licensing and criminal background check processes. We are happy to report that all of these bills were passed this year and have either been signed into law or will be signed into law within the next few weeks. 


As with our entire legislative agenda and activities, it is your active involvement that enables us to be successful. Our success is built upon that partnership, and we thank you for your leadership and engagement.


** Links to the bills and affected statutes are provided below. Please note that the online RSAs are provided for ease of reference, however they have not yet been revised with the enacted changes.



Download the August 2022 Summary of Laws Impacting New Hampshire Hospitals 



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