Steve Ahnen, President, New Hampshire Hospital Association, released the following statement relative to today’s Executive Council vote on contracts that will support our state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts and will support hospitals that are facing a current significant surge in hospitalizations. 


We were pleased to see the contracts approved by the Executive Council earlier today that support our state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts, especially those designed to support hospitals that are facing the most significant surge of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic. These contracts will help increase access to care for patients needing hospitalization by opening up capacity in long-term care and other post-acute care settings. As new COVID-19 cases and all types of hospitalizations continue their exponential rise, these contracts will help support our hospitals as they strive to care for their patients and communities. All of our healthcare workers deserve our gratitude and support and these additional resources will go a long way to making important resources available to them.

But it is also important that each one of us continues to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by doing all of the things we know can make a difference: get a vaccine to protect yourself, your family and your community; wear a mask when in public places, especially when indoors; wash your hands frequently; stay home if you’re not feeling well; and get a test if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Following these proven, evidence-based prevention strategies can make a difference.