Foundation for Healthy Communities Issues Brief on Patient Race, Ethnicity & Language Data

Concord, NH - The Foundation for Healthy Communities and the NH Health & Equity Partnership have released an issue brief reviewing the race, ethnicity, and language data collection by New Hampshire hospitals.   

In 2010, New Hampshire Health Care Facility Discharge Data Submission rules changed and required NH hospitals to collect and report patient race and ethnicity fields in a new format, and for the first time, required the collection of patient language data.

Health inequities or disparities can be better understood and addressed with accurate data to identify issues of concern and measure the quality of interventions. 

Being able to identify utilization of services by these data points offers hospitals the ability to target inequities faced by populations that historically have experienced inequities in their health, and implement changes to address them.  Increasingly, health care regulatory bodies and payment methodologies are requiring healthcare organizations to provide evidence that every patient served received quality care. 

Nathalie Ahyi, Director of the NH Health & Equity Partnership at the Foundation for Healthy Communities expressed that, “The Partnership understands the challenges health care organizations face in addressing health inequities and seeks to support them to improve the overall health and wellness of all who live in our State.” 

The assessment of data collection in the brief found that hospitals immediately began making changes to improve their data collection upon the rule change.  The issue brief makes recommendations for further action based upon nationally recognized best practices.  


Download full version of Issue Brief