Foundation for Healthy Communities Releases 2017 Annual Report

The Foundation for Healthy Communities has recently released its 2017 Annual Report, which provides highlights and accomplishments achieved through its partnerships with individuals and organizations throughout the state.
In its work with partners statewide, the Foundation strives to improve total population health by promoting innovative, high value quality practices within organizations and communities; to lead change strategies that educate, create and sustain healthier communities and make the healthy choice the easy choice; and to promote access to affordable health care and resources that support the well-being of all people.
The 2017 Annual Report highlights the Foundation's wide array of programs and initiatives across the care continuum, its reputation as a convener of diverse partners around the common goal of improving health, and its ability to empower people and organizations with the tools and strategies to effectively improve health and address the needs of New Hampshire and its communities.
2017 AR Cover