Upcoming Event: Aligning Investments to Improve Population Health in New Hampshire, 5/15

Aligning Investments to Improve Population Health in New Hampshire: A Collaborative Strategy for Hospitals and Community Development Organizations

May 15, 2019; 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

McLane Center, Silk Farm Audubon Center, Concord NH

With support from the Foundation for Healthy Communities and the NH Hospital Association (FHC/NHHA), the UNH Center for Impact Investment (UNH CII) and the Public Health Institute (PHI) are hosting this full day planning meeting focused on linking the healthcare and community development sectors in NH to leverage community investments aimed at improving population health.

 This session aims to building on the work of the NHHA/FHC, UNH CII and the PHI in 2018. 

  • April 2018:  A statewide convening was held and included NH hospitals, community development organizations, and community partners.  Preliminary steps were taken at each of these hospitals and included discussions with community development organizations, finanpost-convening to explore co-investment and partnership opportunities.
  • October 2018 NHHA/FHC annual meeting: Kevin Barnett from the Public Health Institute presented Redefining Population Health and, together with the FHC/NHHA and the UNH CII, held a luncheon discussion focused on collaborative partnerships and co-investment strategies to improve population health.    

 Meeting Objectives:

This meeting seeks to take the next step in this work by convening diverse stakeholders to identify specific opportunities and stepwise strategies for collective investment that leverage existing assets and address key health issues in NH. By the end of this meeting participants will:

  1. Identify collaborative opportunities and partners for co-investment to improve the health of the populations we serve.
  2. Identify the key elements of a stepwise strategy that ensure definitive progress towards goals and objectives.
  3. Discuss and commit to institutional leadership involvement to ensure robust engagement and timely decision-making regarding co-investment opportunities.
  4. Identify a process and the resources needed to facilitate this work and monitor progress moving forward.

 The bulk of the meeting will be devoted to dialogue around a set of questions that provide an opportunity for each institutional team to share, learn, and determine what will be required to achieve a set of agreed upon objectives. 

 The meeting will close with a facilitated “Request and Offer” discussion, starting with:

  • How can the organizations in the room contribute to achieving the agreed upon goals and objectives? 
  • What steps will we take to move from ideas to action?


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