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Following are some resources that provide comprehensive information for hospitals working to improve their environmental, sustainability or compliance efforts. More topic-specific links are also found below.

Donation Programs (surplus medical equipment and supplies):

Partners for World Health
MED-EQ - The Medical Equipment Donation Agency

Energy Conservation/Efficiency:

ENERGY STAR for Buildings and Plants
Healthier Hospitals Leaner Energy Challenge

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing:

Environmentally Preferable Products for Health Care
Healthier Hospitals Smarter Purchasing Challenge

Pollution Prevention:

NH DES Pollution Prevention in Healthcare Facilities
Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge

Waste Reduction/Management:

EPA Waste Wi$e Program
EPA Food Recovery Challenge
EPA Medical Waste Home Page
Healthier Hospitals Less Waste Challenge
NH DES Waste Pharmaceuticals
NH DES Infectious Waste
Rechargeable Batteries Recycling